Offshore Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing is a very broad term that can be applied to a wide variety of services and deliverables. In basic terms, it simply means that we can take on your requirements, translate them into a project plan, execute the project, and produce the needed deliverables from our delivery centers in the Philippines. When compared to our other two main delivery models, Offshore Staff Leasing and Virtual Captives, the main difference lies in the scope and duration of the work. Projects typically have a set timeframe and set deliverables while our two other delivery models are suitable for ongoing, long-term work.

We can apply the project outsourcing model to virtually all Outsourcing Disciplines we specialize in. Whether it is a small project to redesign a website or a larger project to clean a database in the course of many months, Immensoft has the capability to take on a wide variety of projects because we have hundreds of skilled employees and a great project management team. Overall, we have a great track record for delivering high quality work - on time and within budget.


Lower Costs Our manpower costs and operational expenses are likely to be 70% lower than the ones you have domestically. This will definitely show in our pricing regardless of the pricing model we end up using.
Flexibility By using our project teams, you will gain a lot of operational flexibility without having to worry about personnel and project resources and assets.
Great Quality We pride ourselves in our ability to meet and exceed our client's expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are happy and eager to contact us again for their next project.
Professionalism We make sure we deliver professional services that are at least at par with what you would expect from a local supplier. The fact that we are in a country thousands of miles away should not be noticeable when it comes to the results we produce and the way in which we coordinate and work with you.


The pricing of our project outsourcing services will depend largely on the scope of your project and the nature of the work. These are some of the pricing models we often apply:
Hourly Rates - For many of our manpower-based projects, we will charge a fixed hourly rate. This is very useful in scenarios where you, for instance, need a person for "x" hours per day.
Deliverable-based Pricing - For deliverable-based projects, we often charge a fixed fee per deliverable. Examples would be a fixed price per database record, per webpage or per logo design.
Contract Pricing - In some cases, we determine a fixed price for the entire project. For instance, a fixed price for the delivery of a website.

Setup Process

As explained, project outsourcing can vary greatly in scope and complexity and it will be hard for us to define a fixed process for setting up and executing your project. In general terms, these are the steps that we will run through:
Requirements Analysis We will analyze your requirements and work with you on identifying the deliverables, timelines, and workflow processes for your project. During this phase, we will also work out our delivery model and pricing.
Proposal & Agreement We will provide you with a proposal and draft project services agreement that will outline our terms of service, the details of your project, and the details of our service delivery.
Project Setup Once you have signed the project services agreement, we will start working on our side on getting all the resources in place needed to execute the project.
Project Go Live Once the project goes live, we will roll into daily operations. Our project manager will be your main point of contact and he or she will be the one to report on progress.
Delivery The agreement documents we signed will indicate a schedule for when the deliverables should be handed over. We will make sure to stick to this schedule and provide you with the right quality and quantity on the dates and times we promised to you.
Invoicing & Payment The agreement documents we signed will also contain a payment schedule which can come in the form of progress billing (eg. 30% upon completion of the project), monthly invoicing or upon completion of the entire project. We will send you an invoice that will contain a detailed cost breakdown and clear instructions on how to pay.
Project Termination Once the project has been completed, we will hand over all the final deliverables and dissolve the project team.