Staff Leasing

Immensoft provides Recruitment Consultancy and Executive Search services for a wide range of industries like Engineering, IT(Software and Hardware ), ITES, Financial Services, Mortgage, Insurance,Automobile, Health care, FMCG, Telecom, Logistics,Manufacturing. Through our validated methodology and processes, we understand our clients' needs and are able to supply skilled, quality manpower. Our peerless benefits include a contract of employment, and free training so you can be assured of a quality service, reduced absenteeism, increased retention and greater efficiency. Our expertise and skills will provide you with the resources to increase your Competitive Edge.

  • Finance Sector
  • Sales & Marketing - all level
  • Operations
  • Customer care
  • HR
  • Finance/Credit/Collections
  • Retail - All level
  • IT & ITES
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Developments
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Customer & Technical Support
  • Immensoft is one of the most important resources for any organisation.In today's highly competitive world it is more important to get the human resources with right skill sets for organisations to compete and grow.

    Your organization's talent are the backbone of your long-terms sustainability; and also your future leaders making them your most valuable asset. With this in mind, the below areas are key to managing your talent effectively:

    Identifying the talent in your organization. This is often not simply a question of performance, but also 'capability' for performance. In other words, not only the demonstrated ability of the employee, but also the potential and future ability. Short-, medium-, and long-term succession planning. Succession planning is not simply identifying a suitable successor for a leader; it also centers on developing the identified individual so that (s)he is able to deliver the required results effectively. Retaining Talent. Talent is volatile. Qualified, competent, and successful employees are in demand making it essential that every organization ensure it has the systems and strategies (From such as development or reward) in place to retain its talent. Leadership Pipeline. Talent management culminates in creating a ready 'pipeline' of future leaders for your organization. Apart from your other 'Talent' future leaders are developed against a set of leadership competencies relevant to the organization.